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    Job title: Technology Director (Germany)

    Job description

    Job purpose

    • Manage the sectors: investment, science and technology in the whole Company;
    • Receipt of production lines and technologies from foreign partners;
    • Guide and train labors to receive and operate the production lines;
    • Monitor the operation of the production technologies as guidance and recommendation of the manufacturer;
    • Organize research and development activities and apply science, technology and information technology advances in business activities of the Company;
    • Research and develop new products, improve products;
    • Applied R&D: apply science and technology advance in the production.


    • Inside: report and be responsible to General Director. Co-ordinate with other Departments in investment, science and technology sectors. Report the Representative of the Board of Directors about the matters in Quality management system.
    • Outside: Other upper managing units and other relevant units in investments, science and technology.
    • Monitoring: all staffs in the Department and monitor the production process and technology application in the factory


    • Organize and manage all the duties and functions of the Department and co-ordinate with other relevant Departments to ensure the effective implementation of the tasks of the Company;
    • Organize and implement activities in research and investment;
    • Implement the transfer of technology and the guidance, training and maintenance in the factory;
    • Organize and collect information, analyse data to research and develop new products, improve current existing products;
    • Organize science and technology research and application activities in production;
    • Planning training plans to advance the level of the manpower of the Department;
    • Manage construction infrastructures, labor protection and labor safety in management scope;
    • Be responsible directly to the General Director of the Company for the working effectiveness of the entire functions and duties of the Department.


    • Assign, manage and conduct directly all the staffs of the Department to ensure the working effectiveness within the functions and duties of the Department.
    • Advise the Board of Directors about suitable employees to take over and ensure the operation of the production lines and technologies;
    • Propose to the Board of Directors about the improvements, innovations in technology to improve the production quality and effectiveness.
    • Propose to the General Director about the appointment, dismissal, reward, discipline within the Department. Censure subordinates within the Department.
    • Monitor, evaluate the entire science and technology maintenance activities to advise the Board of Directors suitable personal to the system.
    • Approve and sign documents related to the functions and duties of the Department or as authorized by the General Director.

    Working environment

    • Good working environment;
    • Working pressure;
    • Working hour: standard working hours or overtime in technology transferring periods or in peak seasons;
    • Working time: long-term.

    Other benefits

    • Bring wife and children under 6 years old to live and work in Vietnam during the working period;
    • Allowance for children under 6 years old to study at the International Schools as request of the employee;
    • Daily shuttle for employees;
    • The Company shall rent an apartment in Hanoi for the whole family;
    • To be bought insurance package for the whole family;
    • Support immigration and residence procedures for foreign employee.



    • Bachelor or Post-graduated;
    • Enterprise management Certificates;
    • Priority: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, Polymer chemistry.

    Knowledge and skills

    • Managing, project management and planning skills;
    • Science and technology training skills;
    • Teamworking and employee assessment skills;
    • Office information technology skills.


    • Solid knowledge in investment, technology and plastic equipments, products and markets (plastic pipe priority);
    • Practice experience in managing plastic products or plastic pipe factory at least 5 years in Germany or other European countries;
    • Experience in receiving and transferring production lines of plastic products;
    • At least 10 years of direct working experience in plastic pipe factory, receiving and training personal to master the technology.

    Other requirements

    • Nationality: Germany;
    • Responsibility, activeness, creativity.