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  • Vietnamese products in Japanese supermarkets

    Since July, the Japanese supermarket chain AEON has been selling Vietnamese products, such as Pangasius, a speciality in Japanese cuisine. Top exports are also bananas, dragon fruit and mangoes.

    Stepping up the fight against corruption

    There are currently eight working groups in the committee for the fight against corruption working on reducing corruption. This is now happening in 20 provinces, where they are also working with international organisations like the UN Development Programme.

    Child protection law now in force

    On 1st June, a comprehensive law to protect children against child abuse and sexual abuse came into force. It concerns advertising and the publication of images of children on the Internet, as well as the publication of images and other information about children in social media.

    Vietnam is vehemently protesting against a Chinese ban on fishing in the East Sea

    The decision by China violates the sovereignty of Vietnam vis a vis the Paracel Islands. Vietnam has the legal rights to this maritime region. This decision is not conducive to maintaining peace and stability in the region.

    Integration of disabled people

    Vietnam has increased its efforts to integrate disabled people, who now receive social security and support when looking for jobs. In addition, the “Association for the support of disabled people” is endeavouring to mobilise donations and is involved in numerous projects. The association creates many jobs and supports the Party in its endeavours. Thus, around 110 people with disabilities have found work in the knitting factory Babeeni. The chairman of the association for the visually impaired had this to say: “There is no absolute equality in life. The five fingers we have on our hands are not all the same size. But that doesn’t matter because they are on one hand.”

    Price of the WIPO for doctor Le van Tri

    The WIPO is a sub-organisation of the United Nations. Mr Le van Tri has won a prize for the second time. The actual prize could significantly improve living conditions for the rural population.

    His project “Improving crop rotations when cultivating lemongrass in soil affected by climate change” helps the country’s farmers to increase efficiency when they produce essential oils. This technology is forward looking and Mr Le Van Tri plans to transfer its application to cinnamon, star anise and myrtle.