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    Skilled workers for German companies: our services in HR

    Germany is ideally positioned economically – but is demographically too old and has for years been confronted with an unmet need for skilled workers in almost all areas. In contrast, Vietnam has a very young population – the average age is 29 – and a huge appetite for training. Continual economic growth and increasing investment from industrialised countries also ensures that young Vietnamese strive for education and qualifications, as well as skilled work. Ideal conditions for future-oriented recruiting!

    For Germany as a location:

    Our focus is on advising German companies and, based on individual needs, establishing long-term specialist recruiting in Vietnam. We also work very closely with state and private institutions in Vietnam. Above all, we prepare young people linguistically for working life in Germany.

    Vietnamese school leavers have the prospects to complete full vocational training in Germany. Skilled workers, however, require complementary training sessions to be able to reach the required level of training in Germany and/or Europe.

    Recruiting trainees and retraining skilled workers in Vietnam is done in close consultation with our customers in Germany. We evaluate selection processes and training measures, and adjust these to your needs accordingly. The execution of training programmes in Vietnam is done through our Vietnamese partner, IVES www.giaoducquocte.vn; advice and support in Germany is given via our office in Munich.

    We are also working in China with a partner, Jenlei HR Solutions, successfully placing Chinese specialist care staff in Germany.

    Jenlei HR Solutions takes on all the official administrative paperwork for you as the employer and prepares future care staff for their work in Germany by putting them through a specially developed, three-year training programme. The partnership has proved successful particularly in the care of the elderly.

    For Vietnam as a location:

    On the Vietnamese side, there is huge interest in improving existing – and developing new – training courses. Both make Vietnam even more attractive as a location for foreign investors and increases the competitiveness of Vietnamese companies. To that end, existing curricula are being reworked and supplemented, existing teachers are being given refresher training and missing training material is being added.

    Focus areas for training in recognised German vocational training professions currently comprise the job groups of nursing, care for the elderly, cooking, hotel work, logistics and tourism.

    For Vietnamese companies, we carry out training for skilled workers and managers both in Vietnam and in Germany.

    The Leonardis Group also carries out training sessions for Vietnamese managers in Germany. It supports managers in Germany and it also sets upfactory tours and contact meetings with German companies.

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