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    Here, we introduce you to our cooperation partner with whom we are working successfully in specialist recruiting.

    Collaboration with the training provider IVES in Hanoi

    Our cooperation partner IVES in Hanoi is an institute for professional training, which prepares school leavers specifically for training in Germany or retrains skilled workers for working life in Germany. Recruiting and training measures are always carried out in consultation with our customers in Germany and are also adapted, where required, during the ongoing process. We work closely with IVES when advising and implementing the training programmes.

    IVES supports young people through:

    • a specific selection process for each occupation that requires training, and each training programme
    • a four-week internship in the desired professional field
    • intensive German lessons with native-speaking teaching staff
    • partnerships with training providers in Vietnam
    • support during the training sessions in Germany

    Qualification in German follows the selection and job interviews:

    • Step 1: 6-8 months in Hanoi with German teaching staff
    • Step 2: 4-5 months continuation of German lessons full time at the Sprachen- und Dolmetscherinstitut (SDI) in Munich
    • Depending on the training course, a 3-month internship in the training organisation precedes the actual training.

    Working closely with IVES, we can prepare school leavers for vocational training in Germany on behalf of customers from a variety of industries. For recruiting skilled workers in Vietnam and the subsequent refresher training courses in Germany, we draw on IVES’ vast experience as an established training institute. In Vietnam, IVES supports us by implementing dual training concepts in nursing care.





    Collaboration with Jenlei HR-Solutions

    Given the lack of skilled workers in the care of the elderly, we are happy to have found a partner in Jenlei HR Solutions for the placement of Chinese care staff in Germany, who can already look back on 20 years of experience in this market.

    Respect for the elderly, which is deeply ingrained in China, and the careful selection of staff ensure that the care staff we place always carry out their responsible work skilfully but also in a friendly and respectful manner.

    Jenlei HR Solutions takes on all the official administrative paperwork for you as the employer and prepares future care staff for their work in Germany by putting them through a specially developed, three-year training programme. This also includes the German language, culture and mentality.

    Afterwards, a half-year preparatory phase takes place in Germany during which the employer gets to know its future employees. The care staff from China also attend another language course, which brings them up to the language level B2 (Levels A-C, A1 is the lowest, most basic level where the participant is able to ask simple questions and C2 is the highest where the participant is fluent).

    After practical training, there is specialised teaching conducted over a four week period. Afterwards, the employees are recognised as certified nurses under German law and are ready to be deployed. We are delighted to work with this reliable partner for recruiting in Germany. The partnership has proved successful particularly in the care of the elderly.